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A UH-1 Huey helicopter flied near Mt. Fuji

“There I was …” that’s how an Air Force pilot starts every flying story, usually with hand motions mimicking their plane’s movement. But, that’s not part of this story. I had Billy Graham in the back of the helicopter. We were bringing him from his crusade in downtown Tokyo to Yokota Air Base Japan to speak to the troops for a Sunday afternoon service at the base gym. It was the most famous person I had ever carried in my VIP helicopter unit. PJ, my copilot, was asking Billy Graham to pray for his sick grandmother. It took a bit of back and forth over the intercom to communicate his request … even in 1993, Billy Graham was getting a bit fragile.

I also flew Smoky Robinson to an event at Yokosuka Naval Air station, the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders to Tama Golf course, Ambassador Walter Mondale to the base, and every year we flew Santa on the hoist to see our kids in our hangar.

We loved our assignment in Japan. Our son got to play baseball in a Japanese league, and our daughter got to travel across the country modeling.

Something else started in Japan when I attended a Real Estate seminar at the Airman and Family Readiness center (with a different name back then). That class boosted my confidence in home ownership as a military member.

I didn’t know then, but I was destined for a career in Real Estate. My wife and I always enjoyed looking at properties, and were inspired by the endless possibilities. In my Air Force career we experienced military housing, as well as renting and purchasing our own home several times.

We bought homes in Alabama, New Mexico, Montana, California, and now own here in Destin Florida! We got fixer-uppers and built sweat equity and we bought new. We enjoyed personalizing each of our homes.   We viewed these improvements as worthwhile investments … focusing on neighborhood, location, and upgrade potential … while also enjoying the benefits of ownership.

Home ownership not only enhanced our finances but our personal relationship growth as well. Our children helped us navigate new projects and learned new skills.  My wife, Dawn, and our daughter Rachel Castellon are also working on their Real Estate licenses and will join my team soon. We are excited to share our love of homes, and expert relocation experience with you.

Sayonara, and Good Buying!