We Said, “Don’t Sell Your House…”

April 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

You won’t hear those wors come out of a realtor’s mouth very often at a listing appointment.  However, that is what we said, and there are 2 main reasons. It will help explain a bit about us and our business model.

Each customer’s situation is unique, and follow-on needs in a person’s life can be very different. In this situation, the circumstances were such that it didn’t make financial sense for the Senior lady, who was doing well and still enjoying living in her home. It was comfortable, safe, and she was able to manage well.  If she had sold her home, she did not have a good follow-on plan, and her finances would not have provided for a better situation.  If she was our family member, we would not want her to make that choice.  Her quality of life would have been lowered, and it wasn’t the best option for her, or her extended family at the time.

We keep in mind a customer’s best interest, based on their current situation.  We cannot stress enough how important this is to us.  In a world where most realtors are trained to secure a listing and make a commission check, our experiences in buying and selling during six military-related transactions have changed our perspective.  We realize that decisions about your home are about more than financial gain or loss; they effect lives, and livelihoods. People matter to us, and we strive to consider each customers’ personal needs, as well as their financial needs.

For years, we looked forward to entering the Real Estate field with a passion to do Real Estate from a “consumer’s perspective.”  We strive to maintain the customer’s needs from their viewpoint, and what actions make the most sense.   If we are not doing that, then we are not serving you well.  We are offering a service and your needs should be met for us to earn our paycheck.

Secondly, this is the best way to build a business. We are committed to doing business by referral…this means, building our business through word-of-mouth referrals from a job “well done.” Customer satisfaction and an ongoing relationship is key to doing this kind of business. We genuinely care about our customer base.

Like so many sales jobs, most real estate approaches involve relentless prospecting, to find new buyers and sellers, and this leaves less time for existing customers.  Therefore, it is often hard to make contact, and they are slow to respond. How many times have you tried to call a realtor only to get a message machine, and a long delay before a returned call? Or you enter into a game of phone tag?  Or you are just left wondering if they forgot about you, and your house?

Doing business strictly by referral allows us to focus most of our time on our current customer’s needs.  They notice the difference and are pleased to refer us to their friends and family.  This dynamic requires that we put our customer’s needs first and serve them well.  In the case of the senior lady, a loss of this one transaction led to multiple referrals for business.  On the other hand, if this listing and transaction were executed, and the customer had remorse, then that would dry up our business faster than spit on a road in Arizona (I’ve lived there, I know)!

This approach also guarantees to you, the customer that we, your agents have “skin in the game” so-to-speak. It is a win-win situation, when we are motivated to work for you and you are motivated to refer us to others! We can work together to get you in or out of the current housing situation and on to the next steps of living your life, and we will have positive referrals from you! We would be honored to work with you, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.